Carrefour Européen du patchwork 2018 v Saint Marie aux Mines


In the course of the Seasons

Misty morning

Designed, painted & quilted by Bara Bartosova

I was charmed by a wild rose, fluttering in the mild morning breeze. I tried to capture the lightness, freshness and cleanliness that nature had conjured up. After a long winter, spring is the new birth of nature. Everything wakes up buds, grows, blooms, it's just a splendor. All seasons are unique and I love something about each of them, it was difficult to choose just one.

Wholecloth quilt, painted with silk colors. The quilt is based on silk paint, quilted with rainbow and monochromatic threads. The hand-batiked cotton is used on the back of the quilt.

2018 * 34" wide x 50" high * whole cloth quilt

Material: silk, cotton * cotton batting * rainbow and monochromatic threads